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A bit about me...

Hi, I’m Sydney copywriter Emma Babbington, an affordable, friendly creative who is full of ideas to help your business grow. 

I’ve worked in London and Sydney for national newspapers and magazines, businesses and brands.

I love writing carefully crafted copy that’s easy to read and understand.

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It’s a total writerly cliche, but books and words were always my first love. I come from a family of writers and by the time I was five years old, I was determined to follow in their footsteps.

After university I worked as a journalist until emigrating to Australia in 2006. Two kids later came the realisation that working in PJs and uggs was a valid a career choice and I began freelance writing.

Since then my work has featured in a range of publications and online outlets such as Yours, Essential Kids, Babyology, NW, OK!, nowtolove.com.au, Cosmopolitan, CLEO and more.

For a small sample of my online and magazine work, please look here.

I began copywriting when a friend asked if I could help produce online content for her new business. I fell in love with the art of mixing words, branding and marketing. 

I really enjoy working on a business’s tone of voice and playing around with words until they work. Convincing a customer to choose this product over that one. Exciting and informing potential customers. Playing around with ways to be noticed and read.

I especially enjoy collaborative work with start ups and small businesses.

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